What is Dreaming Sarah?

Dreaming Sarah is an adventure game where you explore the dream world of a young girl named Sarah, who is in a deep coma. Collect items and abilities as you solve puzzles, interact with people and objects to try to wake up.

What are the controls?

Arrow keys – Move, enter doors, duck
Z – Jump
X – Interact/Talk/Use
C – Walk slowly
Spacebar – Open equip menu
Enter – Pause game/Item menu


Don’t rush. Take your time, look around, notice everything.
If you can’t go forward, try going back.
If you’re stuck, try looking into areas you’ve already been to.
You might notice something you didn’t before.
Abilites and items can sometimes help you get to new areas.
People might help if you talk to them.
Some abilities are just cosmetic; others can change the way the game is played.
The demo has an ending. You’ll know when you get there.